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COZY 能买比特币的平台home.

Enjoy fall knowing your 能买比特币的平台home is ready for winter

Easy Prep for Cooler Temps

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Cleaner Air in Any Season

The more time you spend indoors, the more important it is to change your air filter on time. Get your first delivery FREE from our partner, Second Nature.

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Cooler Weather

No matter what the weather is like outdoors, you can stay warm indoors with our pipe freeze notification, smart 能买比特币的平台home heating, and balanced humidification.

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Set Your Winter Schedule

Make sure your winter thermostat schedule is up to date, or choose Geofencing so your 能买比特币的平台home adjusts automatically as your household comes and goes.

Fall Ready for Winter Checklist

Whatever winter throws your way your 能买比特币的平台home will be ready when you prep your furnace/HVAC system for the long months ahead. By following this simple checklist, you can save yourself aggravation, discomfort, and money while getting serious about getting cozy.

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Pre-Heating Season Tune-up

The beginning of fall is the perfect time to have an HVAC pro inspect and clean your furnace system. Before contractors get busy with the heating season, they often have special deals to help you save money. Ask them to check the heat exchanger for damage or cracks. Just a quick visual inspection can save your furnace from giving out during a deep freeze.

Change your filters

You can save money, help your HVAC system run better, and improve the quality of the air in your 能买比特币的平台home by changing the filter regularly. While it’s easy to change a filter, it’s also easy to forget. We’ve partnered with Second Nature to bring you automatic filter deliveries right when it’s time to change them.

Test your HVAC System

Turn on the fan for your HVAC system and listen for any unusual noises (squeaks, slams, or grinding). Contact a professional if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Next, turn on your heat and let it run for 15 – 20 minutes. This gives your system time to check itself out before it gets cold outside. If your heat shuts off before meeting the set temperature, you may need a HVAC professional to diagnose the problem.

Tip – Furnaces typically have an "error indicator" light on the front cover. Usually a slow light flash indicates the system is running normally. If you see fast flashing, your furnace may need service.

Tip – A slight odor is common when turning on your heating system for the first time in fall. Turning on your heat early gives you a chance to open the windows to clear the smell. If the odor persists, call your HVAC professional.

Check your air vents

If you closed your air vents downstairs in the summer, and opened the vents upstairs, you’ll need to open the vents downstairs and close the vents upstairs, so the warm air naturally rises. If you get a room that's getting too hot or cold, you can always adjust the vents before you crank up the thermostat.

Check your humidifier pad/damper

Fall is the ideal time to check your humidifier pad. Don't let the early cold-season catch you vulnerable – maintaining a healthy humidity level helps keep you warmer, prevents static shocks, cracked skin, snoring, and more. Before checking your humidifier system, make sure it is powered down for safety.

Water maintenance

If you have a water softener, check your salt level every 2-3 months and keep an eye out for bridging, when the salt forms a cap and looks artificially full. Fall is also a great time to perform your annual water heater maintenance. Turn off the cold-water supply and use a short hose to flush the water from your tank into a small pan until it runs clear. Doing this each year will help ensure your water heater is working its best.